How we are


Amazon Online Arbitrage is a 5 step process of finding low-cost product, send it to Preparation centre for re preparation, after preparation send to Amazon warehouse, selling at high price on amazon and gain profit.
Initially we can start on Amazon Online Arbitrage with 1000$.
Return on investment will not be fixed it will be totally depending on the sale but at least we can grab 100$.
In the beginning, we have to wait for at least 2Months to start making profit because to send products to amazon and listing products on Account will require at least 14days and Amazon will also take 14days to send amount to your account.

There is no fee associated with investing, you just have to start investing.

Preparation centre or Prep centre is a service in which we repack and relabel the products to make it be sent to Amazon warehouse.
It totally depends on the service provider usually it starts from 1$ and at max 2$
You don’t need to worry when we hunt a product for sale we always includes a prep fee that will be included as the product finding time so we don’t feel prep fee a burden on us.